Myrtle Beach Hit and Runs Have Serious Consequences

Hit and runs are a serious problem. Drivers who choose to leave the scene of an accident are charged with steeper penalties because their actions can result in a lack or delay of medical attention for an injured pedestrian, cyclist, or driver, and even cost someone their life.
Myrtle Beach Hit and Runs
Myrtle Beach’s unique atmosphere—home to Myrtle Beach Bike Week and a popular tourist destination—leads to an interesting traffic environment, to say the least. With people from all over the nation converging on the Grand Strand, some relying on GPS and others on old memories, drivers can get distracted.
Driver distraction is one of the biggest causes of car accidents. For some motorists, their first reaction after getting themselves into this dangerous situation is to flee. Unfortunately, this reaction has dangerous consequences for both parties.

South Carolina Traffic Law Punishes Hit and Run Drivers

South Carolina law calls for individuals who leave the scene of an accident to be given mandatory jail time and fines. The extent of the other party’s injuries determines whether they’ll be charged with a misdemeanor or felony. Both have serious consequences for a defendant, especially other factors such as alcohol were involved in the accident.
Thankfully, South Carolina officers work hard to locate hit and run drivers and the state prosecutes them as such. For victims who are seriously injured, however, it may be necessary to speak to a Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer to help dig out from underneath the mountain of medical bills that come with a serious accident.

The Effects of Myrtle Beach Hit and Run Can Be Long-Lasting

Recovering from a hit and run accident can be difficult. Months of rehabilitation may be necessary, all the while, hospital bills are adding up and victims are missing work. While most hit and run accidents only involve property damage, too many involve pedestrians and cyclists—two groups of that are especially at risk to this type of accident.
A driver who abandons his duty to report an accident can cause treatable injuries to worsen. South Carolina requires drivers to call for help and stay at the scene. While those who cause an accident may fear punishment, the penalties are much worse for leaving the scene of an accident than for staying to help out.
If your injuries were worsened because another driver failed to perform the responsibilities required of them by law, you deserve to be compensated for the additional pain and suffering their actions have caused.

A Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Lawyer Can Make the Road to Recovery Easier

If you were injured in a car accident, you have rights. A driver who neglected his duties to report an accident and fled the scene may have heightened your risk of severe injury or caused your condition to worsen. A law firm that specializes in hit and run cases in Myrtle Beach will be able to assess your case and provide you with legal information that may help you.
A Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer can investigate your case and help you determine how you should move forward. A consultation is free and is in your best interest. A skilled Myrtle Beach car accident lawyer has in-depth knowledge of South Carolina traffic law and will treat you like a partner. Together you’ll discuss your case and learn about your options.
If your injuries were a result of someone else’s reckless behavior, you shouldn’t be left with a pile of unpaid medical invoices. Let a Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer who works tirelessly on behalf of their clients get you the help you need.