Sue for Whiplash

Sue for Whiplash?

Can You Sue for Whiplash?

Automobile accidents can lead to a wide range of injuries. One of the most well known (yet poorly understood) injuries is whiplash.
Common causes of whiplash include being rear-ended, physical sports, and bungee jumping. Whiplash can also be caused by slip and falls and other accidents. If you have been diagnosed with whiplash and have reason to believe your whiplash was caused by someone else’s actions, you may have recourse under personal injury law.
Sue for Whiplash

What is Whiplash?

When you’ve suffered whiplash, essentially your neck and spine have suffered an injury due to forceful shaking or back and forth action. For example, if you are stopped at a light and hit by the car behind you, your neck and head may be propelled forward and backward rapidly and forcefully. This can injure your spinal column and lead to headaches, neck pain, and neck stiffness. Some victims even report pins and needles in their arms. While many cases of whiplash heal after a few months of physical therapy, others lead to a lifetime of pain.
Whiplash is generally not identified directly after an accident. In fact, it can be days before symptoms present themselves. This can be shocking and confusing for many patients, especially those who told the other party in a car accident that they were fine! Because of this, make sure to always take down the other party’s information in a car accident, no matter how minor it may seem.
You may have heard that when you are calling in your car accident to your insurance company, you should decline to list your injuries right away. Whiplash and other injuries that can initially go unnoticed because of the adrenaline and stress of a car accident can present themselves after the fact. Rather than having your medical claims denied by your insurance, defer making a complete statement until you are aware of the extent of your injuries.

How Can Whiplash Affect You?

As previously stated, many cases of whiplash will resolve themselves after medical care and physical therapy. Unfortunately, that care doesn’t always come cheap. An emergency room visit, months of physical therapy, and a prescription to pain pills (plus all the missed time from work) can add up. In addition, other cases may linger for a lifetime, leaving the injured parties with debilitating headaches and chronic neck pain and making life and work more difficult.
If you suffer from whiplash that was caused because of someone else’s negligence, you do have legal recourse. Individuals who suffer from whiplash caused by a rear-end collision, for example, can sue under personal injury law. Speak with a reputable Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer to learn more.

Can a Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

In a word—yes. Discussing your case with a Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer is a great way to learn more about your options and get a legal perspective of your ordeal. When your pain and suffering is caused by someone else’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to pay to get your life back together. Working with a Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer can help you cover the costs of medical care and lost wages due to your accident.
Doctors continue to learn more about whiplash, how it is caused, and how to remedy it. In the meantime, it is important for car accident victims who have developed whiplash to have recourse. With a Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer, you can start paying back your medical bills and moving forward. Life doesn’t stop because of an accident, and neither should you. Consult a Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer today.