How Personal Injury Law Can Help Those With Quadriplegia

How Personal Injury Law Can Help Those With Quadriplegia

A spinal cord injury can lead to quadriplegia (also known as tetraplegia) or paraplegia. When someone else’s negligence has led to such a life-changing injury, you have recourse through the civil court system. While the best way to understand your rights under personal injury law is to consult with a South Carolina personal injury lawyer, below is some basic information to important questions someone in a spinal cord injury accident might ask.

Who’s Responsible for a Quadriplegia Injury?

Quadriplegia can be caused by many types of accidents. The type of accident that led to a client’s quadriplegia can help inform a South Carolina personal injury lawyer who should be held responsible.

For example, in a construction accident, a spinal cord injury may be a result of a fall from poor scaffolding or cheap building materials. In addition, heavy items dropped by crane operators or from great heights can lead to spinal cord injuries. Once your attorney knows more about your accident, they’ll be able to investigate who was responsible.

In some cases, there may be more than one person responsible. Sticking with our construction accident example, the employer, the crane manufacturer, the scaffolding manufacturer, the insurance company covering the construction site, and coworkers can all be held responsible if the evidence merits it. A skilled lawyer will need to prove to a judge that the defendants were liable for your injuries based on a preponderance of evidence.

Quadriplegia accidents aren’t just relegated to dangerous construction worksites, however. Other types of accidents that can lead to quadriplegia include:

Motorcycle Accidents

Automobile Accidents

Slip and Falls

Birth Injuries

Surgical Accident

Product Defects leading to falls, spinal injury

Can I Sue for a Quadriplegia Injury?

Many accidents that result in quadriplegia don’t require criminal action, however, even if they do, little is done for the victims. Thankfully, those who have suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence can sue under personal injury law.

Quadriplegics require special medical care to ensure their needs are being met, from rehabilitation and physical therapy to home nurses and outpatient therapy. Unfortunately, this care doesn’t come cheap. While medical insurance may cover some of the expenses, the magnitude of the injury all but guarantees that an injured individual will max out their health coverage.

Filing a civil claim against the individual(s) or the company responsible for an accident can help. If a judge or jury finds in favor of the plaintiff (thus finding the defendant liable for the accident), they will usually award a monetary amount called “damages”. This money is meant to pay for lost wages, necessary medical care, future medical care, and pain and suffering.

The best way to determine whether you’d like to file a claim is to speak with a reputable South Carolina personal injury lawyer. A good lawyer will offer their honest opinion and help you better understand the process of filing suit.

How Can a South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

Quadriplegia requires a lifetime of medical assistance, which can lead to a major increase in expenses. In addition, because of the initial hospitalization and rehabilitation, many quadriplegics find themselves without work. With less income and increased bills, stress is sure to skyrocket at a time when you should be focusing on relearning how to navigate the world.

An accident shouldn’t leave you with a mountain of bills with no end in sight—especially if it was someone else’s fault. Consult with a South Carolina personal injury lawyer to investigate your legal options and get the ball rolling on your claim today. A South Carolina personal injury lawyer who specializes in spinal cord injury cases can be a true partner in your fight for compensation.