Myrtle Beach Head injuries LAwyer

Head Injuries and Legal Liability

Head injuries are especially dangerous, which is no surprise considering the damage they do to that vital organ, the brain. More and more links are being found between concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which, to date, has only been diagnosed after death.
While the NFL says it’s trying to do its best to reduce head injuries, those who play football in childhood are still at risk. A recent report indicates that concussions in children and young adults under twenty-two increased by 500% from 2010 to 2014. This is frightening news for parents. Football players aren’t the only ones at risk for head injuries, though.
We are all susceptible to head injuries. Head injuries can occur during a car accident, a motorcycle accident, a cycling accident, or even a trip and fall. While wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of brain trauma during a motorcycle or cycling accident, it doesn’t completely remove it. The manner in which a person receives a head injury can determine whether they have legal options for seeking compensation.
Myrtle Beach Head injuries LAwyer

Legal Liability and Head Injuries on the Job

If you are injured in the course of doing your job, it is important to tell your employer and seek medical attention. Your employer should be able to discuss with you any disability pay or workers comp you are entitled to if you are unable to return to work immediately.
Your employer should cover a medical examination of your injury. Be sure to select a provider covered by your company’s workers’ comp plan. This information should be plainly posted where all employees can see it, generally in a break room or commonly traversed hallway.
If you believe your employer did not adequately protect you from risk of injury, created a risky work environment, or failed to provide the necessary workers’ comp coverage, it’s important to consult with a Myrtle Beach head injury lawyer.

Legal Liability and Head Injuries as Result of an Accident

If you are in an accident that results in a head injury, liability will depend on who caused the accident or the unsafe conditions that lead to the accident. For example, if equipment on a construction site was not properly inspected and one of the machines drops a heavy piece of rebar that injures someone, the owners of the site, the construction company, and the manufacturer of the equipment may be held responsible.
Similarly, if a head injury is caused by a car accident that is deemed someone else’s fault, they may be held liable for your injuries. A skilled Myrtle Beach head injury lawyer can better describe when liability is applicable. If you or a loved one have suffered a head injury and believe someone is liable for the injury, schedule a consultation.

Consulting with a Myrtle Beach Head Injury Lawyer

A head injury can be extremely traumatic. Some individuals suffer from permanent brain damage, memory loss, and other lifelong conditions because of a head injury.
If you believe that someone’s negligence lead to your head injury or a loved one’s head injury, consulting with a Myrtle Beach head injury lawyer can help you learn more about your legal options and help you plan for the future.
A head injury can be life changing. Don’t let someone else’s negligence affect your ability to care for yourself. A civil claim filed by a skilled Myrtle Beach head injury lawyer can help you attain compensation to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and any necessary future medical care.
Don’t hesitate—reach out to a Myrtle Beach head injury lawyer to schedule a consultation and discuss your case.