Myrtle Beach laceration injury lawyer

How Personal Injury Law Covers Laceration Injuries

Personal injury law covers a wide swath of injuries and property damage, from the verbal and published (slander and libel) to the physical (car accidents, workplace injuries, product defect injuries) and environmental (lead poisoning, water pollution, oil spills, etc.).
In this post, we’ll be covering a specific type of injury—a laceration injury—which may be covered under personal injury law.
Please note, this post should not be considered legal advice. While the Internet is an amazing resource for many things, the best way to learn whether your specific injuries are covered by personal injury law is to speak with a skilled Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer.

Myrtle Beach laceration injury lawyer

What is a Laceration Injury?

A laceration is a cut or a tear of soft tissue. As life experience has probably taught you, there are numerous ways to sustain a cut. You may injure yourself cutting vegetables, working your job, or in a car accident.
The severity of lacerations varies. Some are minor, while others can have lifelong consequences. Some lacerations can lead to nerve damage, disfigurement, and even amputation. Severity of a cut can be determined by size, depth, and location.

When is a Laceration Covered by Personal Injury Law?

A minor cut that does not require medical care probably won’t be covered by personal injury law, however, a severe cut caused by someone else’s negligence generally will. But how can you determine this?
In order to be able to successfully use the tort system, an injured party (the plaintiff) must show that the defendant was responsible for their injury and that they “breached a legal duty” (whether by driving drunk, not creating a safe work environment, etc.).
Essentially, a plaintiff is saying that a defendant was liable for their injury because they were negligent. But it can’t just be any injury. After all, a court must be able to assign damages (compensation) to the injury. To quality, an injury must have impacted the plaintiff financially (medical bills, loss of wages) or emotionally (pain and suffering).
In the case of a workplace accident that leads to a severe laceration, an employer can be held responsible for the accident. A personal injury lawyer would then show how the actions or inactions of the employer led to the injury, as well as the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe working environment. A successful case will illustrate the defendant’s responsibility or legal duty was breached and that that breach led to the injury. In addition, they will also ask for compensation to cover the costs of medical bills, future medical care, and lost wages.
Once again, this is not meant to be taken as legal advice. The descriptions here are simplified for ease of understanding. To get the best possible advice on your specific case, there is no substitute for consulting with a Myrtle Beach laceration injury lawyer.

Consulting with a Myrtle Beach Laceration Injury Lawyer

The best way to learn more about whether your laceration injury falls under the personal injury umbrella is to consult with a Myrtle Beach laceration injury lawyer. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer with years of experience practicing tort law can help you make the best legal decision for you and your family.
An honest lawyer will let you know what the chances of success for your claim are. When you consult with a Myrtle Beach laceration injury lawyer, you’ll be provided with the best legal options for your case. After all, no two cases are the same.
Whether you were injured on the job, by a defective product, or on someone else’s property, personal injury law can help you fight for compensation to cover your medical bills and any lost wages. Don’t hesitate. Call a Myrtle Beach laceration injury lawyer today to discuss your case.