Myrtle Beach Orthopedic Injury Lawyer Injuries

Dealing with Orthopedic Injuries

Orthopedic injuries can place you on the sidelines and have long-lasting effects. Injuries like torn ACLs, dislocated shoulders, joint injuries, nerve damage, and broken bones can require surgery depending on their severity. And when they’re caused by someone else’s negligence in a slip and fall accident or a car accident, you shouldn’t be stuck with a mountain of medical debt.

Common Orthopedic Injuries

Certain types of accidents create a higher risk for serious orthopedic injuries. For example, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists often face more severe injuries such as broken bones and head trauma during car accidents. Fractures to the wrist and other sensitive areas can require surgery or cause nerve damage that can last a lifetime.
Car accidents are also known to be a cause of dislocated shoulders. While a dislocated shoulder may sound like a simple injury, it can sometimes aggravate and damage soft tissue around the shoulder, necessitating surgery.
Similarly, broken bones are frequently considered common childhood injuries, but they can have major repercussions, especially in adulthood when healing takes longer. For an older adult who suffers a slip and fall while shopping for a new duvet cover, a broken hip could mean surgery and months of rehabilitation.
Simply put, common orthopedic injuries can have serious consequences—especially when sustained during accidents. Nerve damage, like that suffered during whiplash, can lead to lifelong issues, as detailed in this blog post.
For those who have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, a Myrtle Beach orthopedic injury lawyer can help.
Myrtle Beach Orthopedic Injury Lawyer Injuries

What to Consider After an Orthopedic Injury

After any injury, healing quickly is generally top of mind. Unfortunately, serious orthopedic injuries require time, energy, and money.
For those who require surgery, rehabilitation and a commitment to improving strength and flexibility may be necessary. All of this can be a real drain on resources, but worrying about financial issues such as medical bills and loss of wages can distract you from your goal of getting better.
If your injury was sustained during a car accident, auto insurance and health insurance may help cover (or at least make a dent in) your medical costs. If sustained at work or on someone else’s property during a slip and fall or other accident, worker’s comp or liability insurance may help defray some costs.
In terms of lost wages, it may be necessary to apply for short or long-term disability to allow for recovery. Disability generally only covers a portion or percentage of your salary or wages, so even though you will receive some compensation while you heal, it won’t be the same amount that you would’ve received had you been able to work.
Even with all of these options, you may still end up with debt due to your injuries. And if they were caused by someone else’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to face it alone.

When to Call a Myrtle Beach Orthopedic Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one have sustained a serious orthopedic injury that was brought on by someone else’s negligence, speaking with a Myrtle Beach orthopedic injury lawyer can be an important first step in securing compensation.
Whether you’re finding it difficult to get your insurer to pay your claim or have found the insurance payout is too little for your injuries, a Myrtle Beach orthopedic injury lawyer can assist. In addition to dealing with reluctant insurance companies, a skilled lawyer can advise you when it’s time to seek compensation from the other party, whether it be a negligent construction site, and unlicensed limo driver, or a distracted driver.
Don’t hesitate to call a Myrtle Beach orthopedic injury lawyer for help in getting the compensation you deserve.