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  1. Failing to call the police: If you have been in an accident that another driver has caused you must call the police. Although they might try to convince you not to, the police report is vital to your personal injury case. This is because it is one of the best ways to demonstrate that you were not at fault. Without that police report, the other driver might try to manipulate the truth when speaking to their insurance company to try to appear not at fault.
  2. Falling to seek medical attention: If you feel like your injuries are minor you still need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Medical documentation is very important to your injury claim. If you wait too long to see a doctor, the insurance companies may argue that you couldn’t have been hurt that seriously and don’t deserve to be compensated or they might say that you got your injuries a different way.
  3. Failing to be honest with your doctor: Answer all of your doctor’s questions as honestly as possible. Don’t try to hide any previous injuries or illnesses, as this can both impact the quality of the care you receive and harm your legal case.
  4. Missing any of your doctor’s appointment: During your personal injury case, your medical records can be accessed by the insurance companies. These records will contain information about any missed appointments and this information can be used as evidence against you.
  5. Neglecting to take prescribed medications: Not taking the medication prescribed to you is a lot like missing your doctor’s appointments. This demonstrate a lack of commitment to recovery and could severely harm your claim.
  6. Ending medical treatment prematurely: If you decide to stop your medical treatment too early, insurance companies may argue that you must be completely recovered from the accident. Also, if, for some reason, there is a large period of time between your treatments, the insurers may argue that you could have recovered from your initial injury and may now be seeking treatment for an unrelated injury.

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