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The Dangers of Food Poisoning

Food recalls can be confusing. Just because an item is recalled isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. For example, recently, some Oreos were recalled because their labeling failed to mention they may contain milk. This should be a cause of concern for those with milk allergies, however, for most Americans, consuming those Oreos should be […]

Product Liability Law in South Carolina

It feels like every day there’s a new recall for a product, from baby carriers to kale and car tires to toys. While some wilted lettuce may not seem like a big deal, product defects can have devastating consequences. Peanut butter laced with salmonella and unsafe baby carriers can harm us and the ones we […]

Amusement Park Accident Statistics and Safety Info

After the recent accident at Dreamworld theme park in Australia and the spat of amusement park accidents that struck the United States this summer, we thought it was important to share some information about the frequency of amusement park accidents and why you can do if you’re injured at an amusement park. Amusement Park Accident […]

Employee Rights and Workplace Accidents

Dealing with a workplace accident can be a nightmare. You’re just trying to do your job when all of a sudden you slip and hurt your back, trip over exposed wiring, or cut yourself on a misplaced tool. Most employers work hard to ensure their sites are free of dangerous conditions, often performing safety checks […]

What is Premises Liability?

Under personal injury law, premises liability means that the owner of a property may be held responsible for injuries or unsafe conditions. Essentially, property owners or those who are occupying a property may have a duty to provide a safe place for the public. What is Premises Liability? Think about a clothing retailer. Regardless of […]

Seeking Help for a Burn Injury

Burns aren’t just caused by fire. A burn injury can result from heat, cold, radiation and more. While most burns are minor and can be dealt with at home, some require medical attention and can have lifelong consequences. How Burn Injuries Occur Burn injuries are caused by severe damage to the skin which causes the […]

Myrtle Beach Halloween Events and Safety Tips

Halloween is just around the corner, and whether you’re planning on hitting up a party or taking the kids out, there’s something for everyone in Myrtle Beach. Here are some of the fun Halloween events in Myrtle Beach, as well as safety tips to keep the weekend enjoyable. Halloween Events in Myrtle Beach Atalaya Fall […]

Neck Injury: Causes and Dangerous Injuries

Your neck is a sensitive area and easily susceptible to injury. Composed of seven vertebrae (the cervical vertebrae), it houses and protects your spinal cord, supports your head, and allows blood to get to the brain through special passages. With so many important functions, a neck injury can be especially damaging. Causes of Neck Injuries […]

Dealing with Orthopedic Injuries

  Orthopedic injuries can place you on the sidelines and have long-lasting effects. Injuries like torn ACLs, dislocated shoulders, joint injuries, nerve damage, and broken bones can require surgery depending on their severity. And when they’re caused by someone else’s negligence in a slip and fall accident or a car accident, you shouldn’t be stuck […]

How Personal Injury Law Covers Laceration Injuries

Personal injury law covers a wide swath of injuries and property damage, from the verbal and published (slander and libel) to the physical (car accidents, workplace injuries, product defect injuries) and environmental (lead poisoning, water pollution, oil spills, etc.). In this post, we’ll be covering a specific type of injury—a laceration injury—which may be covered […]