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Birth Injury Lawyers

If your baby is injured during the birthing process or prior to birth due to carelessness, neglect or an intentional act by a medical professional or healthcare provider, you have every right to take legal action. Even if the injuries sustained were accidental and without any kind of criminal act, there is still grounds for a lawsuit. The birth injury attorneys at Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys handle all types of birth injury lawsuits throughout South Carolina.

Birth Injury Liability

Just like with any injury case, liability for a birth injury falls to the party that is responsible for causing it. Any and all liable parties can be made to pay financial compensation to the injured person – or their immediate family – for damages. When the injured person is a newborn infant, compensation can be sought for past and future medical expenses, disability and disfigurement, diminished quality of life, and loss of future earnings.

Birth Injury Lawsuits that we Handle:

  • Birth Hypoxia
  • Brachial Plexus
  • Brain Damage
  • Breech Birth Complications
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Incorrect Medication or Dosage
  • Erbs Palsy
  • Failure to Perform Timely Caesarean
  • Fetal Death
  • Klumpke Palsy
  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Vacuum Extraction Injury

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Joe and Martin Can Help

Due to the delicate stage of life of all newborn babies, birth injuries are very often severe and can have lasting negative affects. Our experienced legal team understands these immediate and long-term dangers you and your family must deal with. We also understand that you should not have to deal with them alone, nor should you be responsible for paying for them. We can guide you and your family through every step of the legal process.
We know your child’s health and well-being is at stake, which is why we can help find your baby proper medical treatment and handle all of your insurance issues and paperwork. We consider all of these factors and more when we negotiate a proper financial settlement on your behalf. We also have aggressive and thorough litigators who will defend your family’s rights in court should your case go to trial.

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An experienced Joe and Martin birth injury attorney can discuss your particular situation and outline the options that are available to you at no cost. If you or a loved one has suffered a birth injury, contact us via online form, or call us at (843) 357-8000 to set up a FREE case evaluation.