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Bus Accident Lawyers

With the growing number of tourists, travelers, and residents coming to South Carolina, the demand for more buses also grows. With this influx of people and buses comes the inevitability of bus accidents. Due to the possible high volume of passengers aboard, it’s safe to assume multiple people have been injured following a bus accident. A careless bus driver can cause a bus accident, but the driver of a passenger car can also be at fault for causing a bus to crash. Whether you are an injured passenger or driver, the professional personal injury attorneys of Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys have experience in representing bus accident victims to ensure their full compensation for all damages due to medical expenses, rehab, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Injuries sustained from a collision with a bus can often be severe and can cause extensive damage. These injuries could require EMT treatment and a trip to the emergency room. This type of treatment can be very expensive, but should always be available to the victim(s) regardless of cost. Our attorneys can see to it that you receive optimum medical treatment should you ever find yourself the victim of a bus accident.

Bus Accident Injuries

In order to obtain full compensation for our clients, the attorneys at Joe and Martin can collect testimony from medical experts regarding the full extent and duration of your respective medical treatment and rehabilitation. Injuries common to bus accident victims include:

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides detailed bus crash facts and statistics over the past few years, which can be viewed by clicking here.

Determining Fault and Negligence in a Bus Accident

At Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys, we use our experience and knowledge, as well as the services of professional accident investigators to gather evidence about your bus accident. These specialist use evidence such as photos and video footage of the crash, witness testimony, and accident scene models to prove the fault of the negligent party. With their help, we can strengthen your claim by showing negligence and identifying the liable party with absolute certitude.
Some of the common acts of negligence related to bus accidents include failure to properly signal before a lane change or turn, distracted or careless driving by the bus driver or driver of the other vehicle, and failure to yield the right-of-way to pedestrian traffic.

We Know How to Deal with Insurance Companies

Insurance policies can be very difficult to fully understand. We can help you get a better understanding of their terms, conditions, and coverage limits. We have plenty of experience dealing with insurance companies. We will aggressively pursue any and all compensation due to you for pain, suffering, and expenses. We are entirely capable of handling all paperwork and negotiations with insurance companies on your behalf. We want our clients to focus solely on recovering from their injuries and not worry about any insurance issues or legal matters. If need be, our attorneys can come see you at your home or at the hospital so as to not inconvenience you during your recovery.

What Can Joe and Martin Do for You?

Your trust in Joe and Martin is well-placed. From the moment you select our firm as your legal representatives, we immediately get to work on your claim and start building your case in an ethical, yet aggressive, manner. Our goal is our client’s complete satisfaction. We will fight to secure the maximum amount of compensation due to you for all damages, expenses, losses, pain, and suffering incurred.
If you or someone you know was injured in a South Carolina bus accident, please contact Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys at 843-892-1000, or fill out our online contact form for a FREE case evaluation. Our legal team is standing by to answer all your questions and evaluate your claim.