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When you jump into the front seat of your car, it is unlikely that you consider the position of your seat and steering wheel. In fact, most people have their seats and steering wheel set in positions in which they feel most comfortable. But did you know the position of your seat and the angle of your steering wheel can affect the amount of injury or damage you can face if an accident occurs?
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that 10 or more inches is the appropriate distance between a driver and the steering wheel. Because a steering wheel airbag can generate a force of nearly two-thousand pounds reaching speeds over 200 miles an hour, sitting too close to the steering wheel and airbag can cause injuries or death on impact.
In order to help you stay safe when driving, we have provided a list of tips:

  1. Tilt the steering wheel at an angle so that it does not directly face the head or chest regions of your body.
  2. Slide the driver’s seat back by adjusting the base of the seat.
  3. Recline the top portion of the driver’s seat at an angle that will keep the top half of your body away from the steering wheel and airbag.
  4. See if you can have pedal adjusters installed in your vehicle. This way shorter people maintain distance from the steering wheel and air bag while still being able to reach the control pedals.

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