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Construction Accidents Can Be Costly

At any given time, somewhere in South Carolina there is construction taking place. Whether it’s old buildings coming down, new buildings going up, current buildings being remodeled, or just standard road work, construction is a part of everyday life. That’s why construction accidents are not uncommon. Injuries can occur in or around construction sites and can often be extremely severe. Immediate emergency treatment is usually necessary. Between EMTs, ambulances, emergency rooms, and doctors, the medical bills incurred on just the first day of a construction accident can be immense. We haven’t even factored in the costs of an extended hospital stay, additional surgeries, and rehabilitation.

Construction Accident Injuries

On top of all these expenses is the effect a construction accident can have on the rest of your life and your family’s standard of living. Construction accident injuries that can irreversibly redirect the course of the victim’s life include:

The United States Department of Labor provides statistics on injuries, illnesses, and fatalities by state, year, and industry (including construction), which can be viewed by clicking here.

Construction Accident Lawyers

Anyone injured on or near a construction site may have grounds for a lawsuit in order to seek compensation for the aforementioned injuries, suffering, and expenses. Several parties may be negligent such as the construction site owner, the general contractor, or subcontractor. One or all of those parties could be held liable for damages and could be legally responsible for offering a settlement or compensation to any affected victims.
The construction accident attorneys at Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys are ready to answer all of your questions and help guide you through this very difficult and serious process of recovery and legal issues. We understand your needs and can take care of important tasks like dealing with insurance companies and medical expenses. We will represent you and your best interests to the fullest and seek maximum compensation while you spend this very critical time healing and recovering.

Common Causes of Construction Site Injury

Why You Should Choose Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys

The personal injury lawyers at Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys represent people who have suffered serious catastrophic injury caused by negligence at construction sites and building sites and understand the many factors involved. Once you select us to be your legal representation, we are with you every step of the way. Aside from helping you make your claim, we can also provide quality medical treatment to you even if you have insufficient health insurance.

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Our clients are family and their satisfaction is our number one goal. The honest and aggressive personal injury lawyers at Joe and Martin have experience dealing with construction accidents in South Carolina and understand exactly what you’re going through. We can meet you anywhere at any time to discuss all of your legal options. If you or someone you love was injured in a construction accident, please don’t wait another minute before contacting us for a FREE case evaluation at 843-892-1000. You can also fill out our online contact form anytime – day or night. It would be our honor to represent you and help you navigate through this traumatic experience.