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Cruise Ship Accident Attorneys

South Carolina’s coast is home to a very popular cruise ship port. Cruise ship accidents are not uncommon. South Carolina hospitals see a various number of cruise ship accident victims each year. With so many different areas to enjoy yourself on a cruise ship, there are an equal number of potential accidents that can happen if the ship isn’t maintained and run by a properly trained crew. Our experienced personal injury attorneys at Joe and Martin are ready to represent you and fight for your legal rights should you ever find yourself the victim of a cruise ship accident.

How Cruise Ships Handle Accidents and Injuries

All cruise ships have infirmaries or sick bays with doctors to treat injured or ill crew and passengers. However, these infirmaries are usually not equipped to handle injuries of an extreme or severe nature. This can lead to problems for an accident victim who must wait for a helicopter to transport them to a hospital on land. The time spent waiting for this transportation can worsen the victims condition extensively. Contacting the office of Joe and Martin as soon as possible after a cruise ship accident is the best way to ensure you get the immediate medical care you need. Even if you have insufficient health insurance, we will make sure you are taken care of as soon as possible.

Potential Cruise Ship Accidents

The rocking movement of a cruise ship on the open ocean can cause supplies and stored items to fall on passengers. This rocking and these poorly stored supplies can cause slip and fall accidents and/or head trauma to the passengers aboard. Cruise ships can also lose power, leaving all the passengers stranded at sea until help arrives. Since you have so many people on board a ship at once with no place else to go, diseases can spread very quickly from person to person. To assess the extent and long-term costs of your medical treatment and rehabilitation with as much accuracy as possible, the personal injury attorneys at Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys can acquire expert medical testimony. Severe injuries that are common on board cruise ships include:

For information from the U.S. Department of Transportation regarding passenger safety and cruise ships’ legal responsibilities, please click here.

Why Call Joe and Martin?

After a cruise ship accident, you will need an attorney with maritime law experience. We can handle all of your legal business from dealing with the negligent party’s insurance company to representing you in court, should your case go to trial.

What We Can Do For You

Along with our experience and applied knowledge of maritime law, we often employ the services of private investigators to determine the facts of your cruise ship accident as well as the circumstances of the accident. This can help us show the exact cause of your accident and who was negligent. We can collect witness testimonies to help strengthen your claim of negligence against the ship’s crew. We can reconstruct and re-enact the cruise ship accident to provide even further prove your claim and show who was at fault. The following negligent acts by the ship’s owner, captain and crewmen are among the most common causes of cruise ship accident that we handle:

  • Failure to comply with safety standards
  • Distracted captains unaware of other watercraft in the area
  • Operating a cruise ship in unsafe weather
  • Physical assaults by other passengers and crew members

Let Us Fight For You

After your accident, you shouldn’t have to fight for your rights and expenses alone. Let us handle all of your legal business while you focus on your health and recovery. Our cruise ship accident lawyers can help you recover maximum compensation for all of the injuries, damages, and losses endured during your accident. Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys uses its experience and every available resource and strategy to fight for your full reimbursement.

If you or someone you know was injured during a cruise or in an accident involving a cruise ship, please contact Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys at (843) 357-8000, or fill out an online form for a FREE case evaluation. Our legal team is standing by to answer all of your legal questions, so please don’t hesitate.