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Dangerous Road Condition Accidents

Identifying the liable party in most car accidents is usually simple. If another driver hits you by no fault of your own, then that driver should pay for your damages and medical bills. However, what if you are involved in a single car accident in South Carolina due to dangerous road conditions such as:

  • Potholes
  • Construction Zone Negligence
  • Poor Road Designs and Fixtures
  • Inadequate Signage or Drainage

Who should pay for your damages in that situation?

Dangerous Road Condition Accident Attorneys

The dangerous road condition accident attorneys at Joe and Martin can answer all of your questions pertaining to these situations. We can help you identify the liable party in dangerous road condition accidents and explain your legal situation in clear terms. Our personal injury lawyers can map out your best legal strategy and course of action.

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The Government Is Responsible For Maintaining Safe Roads

It is the South Carolina government’s job to maintain roads and keep them reasonably safe. If you are involved in a crash caused by dangerous road conditions, the section of government responsible for the upkeep of that road can be held liable for all of your damages.

A South Carolina Fox News Report from 2015 revealed that South Carolina has the deadliest roads in the nation due to poor conditions. You can read the full article by clicking here.

Proving Your Cases Against The Government

The inability to prove the government’s knowledge of dangerous road conditions AND their failure to make timely repairs to said conditions can absolve the government for covering the damages caused to you. That is exactly why you need an experienced personal injury lawyer when dealing with an accident caused by dangerous road conditions. We can help you identify these specific factors to determine the strength of your case against the government.

A Comprehensive Approach To Handling Your Case

At Joe and Martin, we use all available resources and legal strategies in order to help you make and recover on your dangerous road conditions claim against the government. We can conduct a thorough examination of the accident site and examine survey records to determine the government’s knowledge and negligence of the dangerous road conditions. We can employ the help of civil engineers and other road safety specialists who can provide expert testimony to further support your claim.

No Risk

Don’t let the financial worry of medical bills and car repairs keep you from seeking the legal representation you need and deserve. Contact Joe and Martin today at  (843) 892-1000 for a free case evaluation. We want to help you fight your claim against dangerous road conditions.