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Dog Bite Lawyers

Dog bites and attacks can be every bit as mentally and emotionally traumatic as they are physically painful and damaging. Negligent dog owners can often be held responsible for any injuries sustained by the victim of a dog bite or attack. Our skilled personal injury attorneys will defend your rights and take every available course of legal action necessary to restore your health and recover fair compensation.

The Dangers of Dog Bite Injuries

Every day, about 1000 U.S. citizens require emergency care for dog bite injuries. The injuries sustained in dog bite attacks usually require immediate, on-site medical treatment. Along with treatment by paramedics, ambulance transportation and further medical care at the hospital may also be required. Dog bite wounds can become infected due to bacteria and diseases carried by the attacking dog, which only increases the need for immediate and thorough medical treatment. Common injuries resulting from a dog bite or attack include:

  • Deep lacerations
  • Infections
  • Extensive scarring
  • Emotional trauma

You can see much more detailed dog bite statistics on by clicking the link provided.

We Can Provide You With Necessary Medical Treatment

After a dog bite, all the medical treatment discussed above can cost you dearly, even if you have medical insurance. Without insurance, it can cost a small fortune. Even if you don’t have insurance, please know that we NEVER turn clients away due to insufficient health insurance. Your health is paramount and we do not put a price on it regardless of the extent or duration of treatment you receive.

Causes of Dog Bites

Inattentive, abusive, and just plain irresponsible dog owners are the most common cause of dog bite accidents and attacks. When careless owners lose control of their pets, it presents a danger to the public.

How We Handle Your Case

We can employ the use of private investigators in order to obtain facts and build a strong case against the negligent party. Our firm will gather expert testimonies from professional medical staff as to the extent of your injuries and prognosis. In order to ease the suffering that our clients endure during the recovery of their health, all negotiations with insurance companies and liable parties are handled by our attorneys that are qualified to litigate dog bite accident cases. We present all of the evidence and testimonies to liable parties to recover the most favorable settlement possible.

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