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Drunk Driving Is Against The Law and Extremely Dangerous

Drunk-driving accidents are a serious problem in America due to high volume and often tragic aftermath. With the constantly increasing number of vehicles in South Carolina, drunk-driving accidents are an all-too-common occurrence. Driving any motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is a criminal act and puts many people in danger. Any time you share the road with a drunk driver you are in danger.

Drunk-Driving Accident Lawyers

Even during non-fatal, drunk-driving accidents, the injuries sustained by victims can often be severe and life-threatening. These types of injuries often require immediate and constant medical treatment and care. The bills from these injuries can pile up right from the moment of the accident and can quickly become overwhelming. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Joe and Martin understand the suffering and costs that result from drunk-driving accidents. We are ready to fight for you every step of the way.

We can answer all of your legal questions and concerns regarding your accident. We are more than willing to travel to and from your home or the hospital at your convenience, allowing you to rest and recover comfortably. We will help you collect full and fair compensation for all of your pain and suffering and medical expenses.

We Are Here To Help

The road to recovery from a drunk-driving accident can be long and arduous. Fortunately, the experienced and professional personal injury attorneys at Joe and Martin are more than capable of handling every aspect of your case. We understand the policies and procedures of insurance companies and can deal directly with them on your behalf. Our attorneys can identify all negligent parties involved, handle all negotiations with said parties, and fight hard to retain the maximum amount of compensation due to you.

For more information and statistics on drunk-driving accidents in South Carolina, visit MADD’s website by clicking here.

No Insurance? No Problem

Concerned about your lack of healthcare insurance? Even if you have no health insurance, please call the drunk-driving accident attorneys at Joe and Martin and we can help get you the proper and immediate medical treatment you need for your injuries.

How We Can Win Your Case

Along with our knowledge and experience, we can utilize resources outside the firm in order to strengthen your case against the liable party. Private investigators can be used to obtain the following:

  • Records of past incidents of drunk driving by the negligent driver
  • Testimony from witnesses like bar patrons and employees
  • Statements from relevant law enforcement officials and medical staff

These resources are often useful in building a strong case to maximize your recovery.

Don’t Hesitate. Call Us Right Away.

If you or someone you know was injured in an accident involving a collision with a drunk driver, please contact Joe and Martin at 843-892-1000 for a FREE case evaluation. You can also fill out our online contact form. We understand the pain of losing a loved one in a senseless drunk-driving accident. We want to help you and your family bring the negligent parties to justice. Don’t wait. Call Today.