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Explosion Accident Attorneys

As a hard-working construction worker, the last thing you want to worry about is being injured in an explosion accident. Unfortunately, explosions can and do happen on construction sites. If you are hurt in an explosion accident, you should be able to file a workers’ compensation claim and receive medical coverage. Sadly, these workers’ comp insurance companies can sometimes try to deny your injury claim and avoid covering your injury expenses in order to save their company money. When this happens, you need a no-nonsense, explosion accident attorney to fight for your legal rights.

If you are hurt in a construction explosion, you shouldn’t go a single day without the professional assistance of our experienced personal injury lawyers. You deserve full and fair compensation for every immediate and future medical expense and for pain and suffering. Our explosion accident lawyers can procure exactly that and more for you.

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We can help you build a strong case and guide you through the entire legal process. We can handle all negotiations with insurance companies and liable parties on your behalf. We want you to focus on your health and recovery while we work to ensure the most favorable settlement possible for you. Call us today at 843-892-1000 for a FREE case evaluation. Our team is standing by to answer all of your questions.

What Causes Explosions on Construction Sites?

By their very nature, construction sites are full of potential safety hazards. Every good construction worker is aware of these hazards and exercises appropriate caution around them. However, even though there are federal and state regulations which require employers to take reasonable care to maintain safe working environments, explosions still occur in and around construction sites due to a number of causes such as:

Compressed Gas Explosions

Extreme caution must be exercised when working with and around compressed cylinders of extremely flammable gases like acetylene and propane. Both of these compressed gases can be found at most construction sites. Acetylene is used in torches to weld, cut, and braze metal. Propane fuel powers heavy machinery like forklifts.
Acetylene and propane can be extremely hazardous on construction sites. Aside from explosions, these compressed gases can cause many other accidents like:

  • Chemical Burns
  • Poisoning
  • Asphyxiation

OSHA regulates the storage of all compressed gases at the workplace. These regulations legally bind manufacturers and employers to inspect and test the storage cylinders of all compressed gases. OSHA standards also state that these cylinders must be chained to walls and kept in the shade to prevent breakage and overheating. Workers must all be trained on the proper storage and handling of compressed gas cylinders. To learn more about OSHA standards and regulations of compressed gases, click here.

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If you or someone you love has been injured in a compressed gas explosion, contact the experienced explosion accident attorneys at Joe and Martin. We can help you get the absolute maximum amount of compensation you deserve for your injuries, expenses, losses, and damages. Worried you can’t afford quality legal representation? Don’t sweat it. We never turn away potential clients due to lack of finances or insurance. Contact our offices today or fill out an online form to learn more about what our firm can do for you 843-892-1000.