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Who is at fault for a rear-end collision?

When you think of who is at fault for a rear-end collision, you normally think that it is the car behind you that is at fault. While this is most likely the case, it is not always 100% true. The circumstances of the accident will end up determining who is truly at-fault. Sometimes the car in front can be considered responsible. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, it is important to speak with an attorney. An attorney can help establish liability, but also ensure that the other party does not try to hold you accountable for something that wasn’t your fault.
At times, the front diver can be at-fault. This is because that driver could have hit their brakes suddenly which did not give the car behind them enough time to stop. Generally, the rear driver should be following far enough behind to avoid a rear-end collision. But sometimes, at high speeds, if the car in front does stop without warning, there isn’t a distance that is far enough to avoid it. The front driver could also have burned out brake lights – this would also leave them at-fault.
Road hazards can play a role in determining who is at-fault too. Say you hit a pothole and you end up losing control and hit another vehicle or another vehicle could hit you. In this situation, it isn’t your fault or the other drivers –  it is instead the fault of whoever maintains the road. The maintainer would then be responsible for any damages that result from that accident.
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