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Head-On Collisions

It only takes a fraction of a second for a head-on collision to occur… but the repercussions can last a lifetime. Have you or a loved one been injured in a head-on collision? Are your medical expenses too much to handle? Are your financial worries keeping you from seeking legal counsel and the just compensation you deserve?

Head-On Collision Attorneys

When we take a case we devote the necessary time and resources towards obtaining the maximum amount of compensation for our client.

If you want full and fair compensation for the damages you have suffered as the result of a head-on collision, don’t hesitate to contact us today. You can fill out our online contact form, or call (843) 357-8000 for a FREE consultation.

What Are the Common Causes of Head-On Collisions?

Driver error is the main cause of head-on collisions. As drivers, we all have a legal responsibility to follow the rules of the road, drive safely and stay alert. When a driver fails to operate his or her vehicle in a responsible manner and causes an accident, they can be held liable for negligence. The more common reasons head-on crashes occur include:

Other factors, such as faulty traffic signals or defective vehicle parts, can cause head-on collisions as well. A case like this can be a bit complex since they involve claims against not only negligent drivers, but also the government and auto manufacturers. In any case, you need to establish causation and liability, which is where the attorneys at Joe and Martin can help you. For complete South Carolina traffic accident reports and news, click here.

Winning Your Claim

We can help you prove that the other driver’s negligence caused the collision and your injuries by procuring a preponderance of evidence against him or her. We know how to build and strengthen claims through investigation and strategy. We can collect and analyze police and medical reports, obtain statements from witnesses, and collaborate with accident reconstruction specialists and other relevant experts.

The Sooner You Act, The Better Your Claim

Acting quickly on your claim is an extremely important part of making the strongest possible case. If too much time passes evidence can fade, witnesses can forget, and accident scenes can become contaminated and cleaned up. These factors can lead to you losing out on the compensation you need and deserve.

We Have the Credentials

At Joe and Martin, we have years of experience and our case results speak for themselves. Contact our office today (843) 357-8000. Our legal team is standing by to assist you and answer all of your important questions.