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Heavy Machinery Accident Attorneys

When working with heavy machinery, one must exercise extreme caution. Accidents can happen very easily if industry safety standards are not practiced and upheld. When accidents do happen, it’s more often due to human error. Thus, if you or a loved one are injured in an accident involving heavy machinery, there is almost always a negligent and or liable party. The experienced, heavy machinery accident attorneys at Joe and Martin can help you make a strong claim against any and all liable parties whose negligence lead to your serious injury. We will thoroughly investigate your heavy machinery accident and determine the cause(s) and help you recover the compensation you deserve for your medical bills and damages.

Dealing with these types of serious accidents on your own can be outrageously costly. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can help tackle your expenses and secure just compensation. Why wait? Call us today at (843) 357-8000 for a FREE, comprehensive consultation. We’re standing by to answer all of your legal questions.

We Take On All Types of Heavy Machinery Cases

We have helped construction workers from all over South Carolina recover from heavy machinery accidents of all kinds. We can help you deal with any type of injury case against any type of heavy machinery, such as:

Heavy Machinery Injuries

These heavy machines – and many others like them – are common on construction sites and can cause serious damage if they collide into workers, pin them down, or drop heavy objects that they were carrying. The injuries that commonly result from such accidents are often grave in nature and include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, bone fractures, and amputations. They can even be fatal. You can learn more about the importance of Heavy Machinery safety by clicking here.

What Causes Heavy Machinery Accidents?

Cause and liability must be established in order to obtain maximum recovery. Even though workers who are injured on the job can receive workers’ compensation, they may also be entitled to compensation acquired in a third party liability lawsuit. This, of course, depends on the specifics of the accident. This may include any one, or more, of the following common causes of heavy machinery accidents:

  • A worker makes a crucial mistake due to lack of training, on-the-job experience, and/or concentration.
  • A supervisor or another person in a position of authority instructs employees to take dangerous actions, causing the accident.
  • The worksite is a dangerous environment with issues such as incomplete structures and unstable ground.
  • The machinery is defectively designed or manufactured and suffers a critical breakdown.

What Can Joe and Martin Do For You?

Our professional legal team will work with forensic investigators, medical experts, accident reconstruction specialists, and other relevant professionals in order to build a rock solid case and ensure a favorable outcome. Also, when you select Joe and Martin as your legal representatives, we cover all costs of these experts and we can make sure you get the medical care you need for your injuries. Fill out an online form or contact us today to receive immediate assistance (843) 357-8000.