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Legal Resources

At Joe and Martin, we believe every person should be provided with the most relevant information possible to make informed decisions when it comes to personal injury law. Because of this, we have gathered free resources focused around our areas of practice in the geographic regions we serve. Please contact us if you have any legal questions.

General Personal Injury

Dictionary – This free resource provides users with a quick and easy way find reliable definitions on legal terminology.

South Carolina Bar Association – This resource for South Carolina lawyers provides information on a variety of topics including practice management, ethics, legal research, CLE programming and much more.

South Carolina Car Accident:

South Carolina Department of Transportation – The South Carolina Department of Transportation is an organization that strives to deliver and maintain a world-class multi-modal transportation system. Read more about it here.

South Carolina Department of Insurance – Provides statewide information on automobile insurance including liability and coverage minimum requirements. The website also provides information on filing a claim and reporting insurance fraud.

Motor Vehicle Safety: MedlinePlus – This motor vehicle safety resource provided by the National Institutes of Health, provides updates via email on critical motor vehicle safety issues you need to know.

Automobile Safety Foundation – The Automobile Safety Foundation provides news and alerts related to motor vehicle safety and other car-related topics.

Motorcycle Accidents – Motorcycle Safety Foundation is an organization that provides safety tips and resources to those who utilize motorcycles as a form of transportation. The organization is also a helpful resource for people involved in motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle Safety (NHTSA) – Motorcycle safety guide published by the NHTSA in conjunction with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Drunk Driving Accidents

DUI-DWI Terms & Definitions – This resource provides definitions for common DUI terms surrounding not only the arrest itself but also the legal process that follows.

Drunk Driving (NHTSA) – The Drunk Driving section of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration provide information on the drunk driving figures across the United States.

MADD- Mothers Against Drunk Driving – is known for its efforts to fight drunk driving auto accidents throughout the United States. Not only does this organization provide valuable information about preventing drunk driving but the website also helps affected families cope with the tragedy.