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Orthopedic Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one has suffered an orthopedic injury – a broken bone, stress fracture, severe dislocation, or deterioration of bone – due to the negligence of others, or if an insurance company does not want to adequately compensate your losses, the orthopedic injury lawyers at Joe and Martin can make sure those parties uphold their obligations to restore your financial losses, damages, and long-term health.

Beyond the pain and discomfort of an orthopedic injury and recovery, the victim can miss work for weeks, months or even longer. Paying for your medical and rehabilitation expenses is difficult enough, but having to do so without any source of income can leave you in financial ruin. Whether you’re dealing with a workers’ compensation claim or filing a lawsuit against a negligent party, Joe and Martin can assist you in every step of the legal process.

Recovering Maximum Compensation

Our accident lawyers understand the intricacies of personal injury law and can exert every legal tactic required to receive every benefit to which you are entitled. Funds you may be able to recover include:

  • Payments for all medical expenses and treatments
  • Weekly replacement income for lost wages
  • Lump sum payments and negotiated settlements
  • Disability payments for extended periods of missed work
  • Payments for anticipated future medical expenses

The personal injury attorneys at Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys have assisted men and women who have suffered orthopedic injuries across South Carolina. These experiences are what make us confident and capable of handling all legal business and negotiations on your behalf so you and your family can focus solely on your health and rehabilitation.

Causes of Orthopedic Injuries

The most common causes of accidents which lead to broken bones and orthopedic injuries are:

For tips on preparing yourself for orthopedic procedures, click here.

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We advise all clients to not delay in asserting your legal right to recover damages from negligent parties since the law does limit the time you have to file suit. The personal injury lawyers at Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys provide honest and ethical legal services, aggressive representation, and personal attention. Our orthopedic injury accident lawyers can answer any questions about the legal process facing you in a FREE case evaluation. If you or a family member has been injured in an accident that has caused broken bones or serious orthopedic injury or surgery, please contact an attorney at (843) 357-8000, or fill out an online form.