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Highways are interconnected not only by a vast number of roads, but also by a large variety of different types of roads. The differences between them pose no major driving concerns: some are two-lane, some are three-lane, and some have bike lanes along the side, etc. However, other types of roads introduce safety concerns that drivers need to be more aware of, namely, two-lane highways that allow drivers to pass each other. Although created for the convenience of passing slow drivers, such an inconvenience is hardly worth the types of accidents a passing lane may lead to if drivers are not extra careful.

Most often, passing on a two-lane highway is prohibited, but in rural areas where one road may stretch out for 20 miles before reaching the next intersection, small segments of the road are marked as passing lanes. Typically, these segments are strategically placed in order to give drivers the space and sight they need to safely pass another driver, but there are always risks when crossing to the other side of the road:

  • Miscalculating how much time you have to pass another driver or misjudging the speed necessary to pass them safely
  • Failure to see oncoming traffic either from negligence, curves in the road or in terrain, sun glares, darkness, mist/fog, or another optical phenomenon
  • Failure to turn on your turning signal when passing a vehicle
  • Overcorrecting the vehicle to swing back into the right lane after you’ve passed someone

Failure to adhere to some of the risks these passing lanes allow can result in head-on collisions that have the potential to be fatal. While passing is possible to accomplish safely on highways, it is always a risk to enter the lane with oncoming traffic in order to pass someone. Whether you are passing or being passed, be extra attentive of your surroundings, your speed, and traffic laws.

If a driver has caused an accident by violating a traffic law, that driver is typically held responsible for any injuries suffered because of the accident. But to be certain, if you’ve been injured in any accident caused by another driver’s negligence, call Joe and Martin at (843) 357-8888 to discuss your rights and legal options during a FREE, comprehensive case evaluation.