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Referral and Partner Attorneys

Joe and Martin often assist referring attorneys and law firms with personal injury cases. It is a great honor when another lawyer comes to us for assistance with their client’s case. Because we dedicate our practice to representing the injured, we have a tight network of experts on call. We regularly utilize the skills of lifecare planners, vocational experts, economist, and liability experts to maximize our client’s value. We also have access to archived information and depositions of defense experts regularly used by defense firms and insurance companies to minimize your client’s claim. We can work with you as co counsel or we can take a lead role and keep you informed on the progress of the case. We will share any fee in accordance with what is allowable under the South Carolina Rules of Professional conduct.

It is our goal to make the referral process as simple and as easy as possible for you and your client.

For more information about our Referral and Partner Attorneys program, please call us at 843-357-8000 or email us at