What Are the Common Causes of Rollover Accidents?


South Carolina Rollover Accident Lawyers

Rollover Accident Severity

Rollover accidents can be an extremely traumatic experience and far too often result in serious injuries and even death. Surviving a rollover accident is only half the battle. Unfortunately, the injuries sustained in a rollover accident can often take weeks, if not months, to recover from. The rehabilitation process can take even longer, plus there's the possibility that you may have lifelong disabilities to endure after rehab.

Rollover Accident Lawyers

If you or someone you love was involved in a rollover accident in South Carolina, you should contact a personal injury lawyer immediately. A serious accident of this nature can not only endanger your health, but it can put your financial security and your family's future at risk. You will need an experienced attorney in order to make sure you get full and fair compensation you will more than likely require to get yourself and your life back on track after such a devastating event.

The attorneys at Joe and Martin have the experience necessary for taking on rollover accident cases. We understand that an accident of this magnitude can leave you with a great deal of physical and emotional pain and can become a financial nightmare. That is why we don't charge our clients anything until we recover compensation for them. We want you to focus on the healing process why we take care of everything else on your behalf. Fill out our online form,or call us today at (843) 357-8888 for a FREE consultation and let us go to work for you.

What Are the Common Causes of Rollover Accidents?

Rollover accidents occur when the inertia of a vehicle overcomes gravity and friction, causing it to roll onto its side. Vehicles with high centers of gravity and narrow track widths, such as SUVs and large passenger vans, are especially susceptible to this type of accident since their build is conducive to destabilization in fast turns and sharp changes of direction.

Using good judgement and applying safe and cautious driving techniques can help drivers avoid rollover accidents. However, there are several factors beyond a driver's control that can cause a rollover. Some of the most common causes include:

The right attorney can investigate the circumstances surrounding your crash to determine what caused the rollover and who is ultimately at fault. For more information about rollover accidents and how to minimize rollover risk, click here.

Establishing Liability in a Rollover Accident Case

In a rollover accident case, like most other accident cases, you must be able to prove the negligence of the liable party in very distinct ways. You must prove the liable party breached its duty of care to you. In a rollover case, this would include things like reckless driving, selling you a defective tire, or failure to keep roads reasonably safe. You must also prove that it was that breach of trust that directly contributed to the rollover. Lastly, you must prove that your injuries resulted from the rollover.

If chosen to be your legal representation, Joe and Martin will immediately go to work by investigating your case and helping you prove all of those important elements beyond a shadow of a doubt in order to secure the maximum amount of compensation you need to cover all your medical expenses and vehicular damages.

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Don't be swayed or fooled by the opposing insurance company who may try to mislead you into taking an unfair and/or small settlement. Always contact an attorney before accepting any initial settlement. Remember, you're best interests are never shared by an opposing insurance company. Contact Joe and Martin right away at (843) 357-8888 so we can help you recover the just compensation you deserve.