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Sexual Abuse Attorneys

Sexual abuse, particularly childhood sexual abuse, is an abhorrent and, unfortunately, prevalent problem in today’s society. The perpetrators of these heinous crimes are usually prosecuted under criminal statutes. However, civil action for damages is an alternative or additional recourse that a victim can pursue. If the sexual abuser gained access to the victims while acting in an official capacity for an employer, such as a school, church, or sports league, the employer can be found negligent and held liable for damages, as well.

At Joe and Martin, our experienced personal injury lawyers not only strive to obtain fair compensation for our clients’ damages, we also seek swift justice against the accused and convicted abusers and negligent parties.

Sexual Abuse Cases We Handle

  • Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts of America
  • Catholic Dioceses & Other Clergy Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse by Coaches
  • Sexual Abuse by Teacher and School Administrators
  • Sexual Abuse in Daycare
  • Sexual Abuse in Foster Care

Healing From Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can have devastating and lasting effects on the victims ranging from serious trust issues to severe social and psychological disorders. At Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys, we take your health as seriously as you do. We are fully committed to helping our clients heal by providing them with access to our network of doctors, therapists, psychologists and other healthcare professionals. During the healing process, we will go to work handling all of your legal issues in and out of court.

Do Not Remain Silent

We understand how scared, helpless, and even ashamed the victims of sexual abuse can feel. We want you to know that you have a friend in Joe and Martin. You have the power to fight back by speaking up against sexual abusers and holding them legally accountable for their deplorable actions. Together we can seek and obtain the justice you deserve and prevent these criminals from harming others. For more details on sexual abuse prevention, you can view information and other articles on the National Sexual Violence Research Center’s website by clicking here.

Take Action

The skilled and professional sexual abuse attorneys at Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys understand the sensitive nature of sexual abuse cases, and are fully committed to handling your case with the discretion and care it deserves. We know it can be hard to talk to anyone about the sexual abuse, but please understand your trust in us means everything and is something we take very seriously. If you or someone you know was a victim of sexual abuse, please contact Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys by filling out our online form, or by calling us at (843) 357-8000 for a completely free and confidential case evaluation.