South Carolina Sexual Assault Lawyers

Sexual Assault Lawyers

A sexual assault is one of the more horrific attacks a person can go through, as it takes both a severe physical and emotion toll on the victim. Rapists and other sexual predators are usually prosecuted under criminal statutes. However, filing a civil suit for damages is an alternative or additional recourse that a victim can pursue. If the sexual predator gained access to the victims while acting in an official capacity for an employer, that employer can be found negligent and held liable for damages, as well. Sexual assault is an ongoing problem in South Carolina, and the personal injury lawyers at Joe and Martin Law Firm have the experience necessary to handle any case as serious as sexual assault.

How Can Joe and Martin Help You?

The sexual assault attorneys at Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys will utilize all of their legal knowledge, experience, and skills in order to obtain the maximum amount of compensation you deserve for:

  • Emergency Medical Treatment
  • Hospital Bills
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Emotional Counseling and Therapy
  • Lost Wages due to Missed Work

Victims who have been sexually assaulted through an abusive relationship, improper work environment, or a random criminal act deserve representation against all liable parties to ensure proper compensation for their pain and suffering.
Safe Horizon provides a guide for coping with sexual assault, which can be viewed by clicking here.

We Handle Sexual Assault Cases With Care

Due to the serious and personal nature of the offense, our professional sexual assault attorneys are trained to accommodate the understandable sensitivities of rape victims. We handle all negotiations with the liable parties and their insurers on our client’s behalf in order to keep them insulated from the stress of what could otherwise be extremely emotionally painful discussions. This helps facilitate a more peaceful recovery process and environment for our client. We can also send counselors to our client’s home or treatment facility to discuss all matters of their case as to not inconvenience them during recuperation.
The damages following a sexual assault can require expensive and extensive medical care to heal the victim’s immediate and long-term physical and emotional scarring. Treatment from paramedics and doctors as well as months of rehabilitation and therapy can create a mountain of exorbitant medical bills. We take your health as seriously as you do. That’s why we can provide you with access to a wide network of medical experts as well as counsels and therapists that you may require after such a vicious experience.

Building Your Sexual Assault Case

In a criminal trial, proving liability of a rapist or sexual predator requires evidence and facts to determine guilt. However, if the person on trial for sexual assault is not convicted in criminal court, they can still be tried in civil court as the standard for a finding of liability is lower. For a civil case, our firm employs private investigators to help obtain eyewitness testimony, crime scene evidence, and other facts to support your claim. Many sexual assaults occur in a public or work environment and may involve multiple victims. These other victims can all testify in support of your claim.

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We understand that something as devastating as sexual assault can be extremely difficult for the victim to even want to talk about. That’s why when you place your trust in us, our discrete, professional, sexual assault attorneys treat you like family and seek out the swift justice you absolutely deserve. If you or someone you know was the victim of a sexual assault, please don’t hesitate to contact Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys at (843) 357-8888, or by filling out our online form. Our legal team is standing by to answer all of your questions and evaluate your claim in a FREE and private consultation.