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Defective Tires Can Cause Serious Accidents

As car owners, we all know the basics of tire care like changing flats, checking tire pressure, and keeping them rotated, aligned, and balanced. That kind of basic tire care, however, can’t guarantee total tire safety. Serious issues like blowouts, detreading, and delamination can still occur. Unfortunately, these serious issues can lead to horrendous accidents. Drivers may not be aware of these potential hazards posed by defective tires, but tire manufacturers absolutely are.

Tire Defect Accident Lawyers

At Joe and Martin, we are ready to take on the negligent tire manufacturers and fight for your full compensation. The tire company should be held fully responsible for any and all damages you suffer as a result of any accident caused by their defective products.

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Some Tire Companies Put Profits Ahead of Safety

Sometimes tire companies will advertise that their tires will last much longer than they actually do. Even though tires should be changed every six years to prevent tire failure, sometimes, due to advertising, you may get the idea that the tires you purchased can last for many more years. The tire companies want you to get that idea so they can sell more tires. The problem with that is these tire companies are putting their profits ahead of your safety. The practice of spreading this type of misleading information is extremely negligent and immoral.

The speed at which a car travels greatly affects the severity of an accident caused by defective tire failure. At slower/city speeds, drivers experiencing tire failure usually end up with minor fender damage, stranded on the shoulder of the road. However, at fast/highway speeds, tire failure can cause cars to spin out of control and even flip over, which can be fatal for the driver. The risks of these minor and major accidents is why it is of the utmost importance for tire companies to provide both quality products and correct and precise information in regards to the durability and longevity of said products.

The Common Causes of Tire Failure

Defective tires can blowout and/or fail for a number of reasons including:

  • Faulty Design
  • Shoddy Manufacturing
  • Shredding
  • Detreading
  • Adhesion Failure

All of these defects still occur despite the enacting of strict tire performance regulations. Firestone, Bridgestone, Goodyear, and Michelin have all recalled millions of tires in just this past decade, alone. Unfortunately, the defective tires sold by these companies have injured many and even killed others before the recalls had to be issued.
You can check to see if your tires have been recalled at no charge to you by clicking here. DO NOT drive on defective or recalled tires. Call the manufacturer immediately if your tires have been recalled or deemed defective.

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