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Train Accident Lawyers

These days, train accidents are rare, but the consequences can still be deadly. Large, heavy trains traveling at even pedestrian speeds can cause incredible damage and serious injury when involved in accidents. Any car or truck involved in a collision with a train is almost always destroyed by the sheer force of the train. Along with this immense force is the equal potential for significant injury to anyone involved in a train accident.

If you ever find yourself the victim of a train accident, please contact the professional train accident lawyers of Joe and Martin right away. We can help you plan the best course of legal action in order to recover compensation for any medical expenses, property damage, and pain and suffering you incurred.

What Causes Train Accidents?

While impatient motorists crossing tracks at the wrong time are a major cause of train accidents, other factors can contribute to train accidents, such as:

  • Negligent train conductors
  • Trains with faulty equipment
  • Trains operating at unsafe speeds
  • Malfunctioning or nonexistent warning signs

Subway stops are a common place for the occurrence of train accidents in busy cities. You should always exercise caution and awareness when near a train or railroad crossing. To learn more about railroad and train safety click here.

Train Accident Injuries

Any victims fortunate enough to survive the terrifying ordeal of a train accident can still suffer severe injuries such as:

It’s very likely you will have to endure more than one of these awful afflictions following involvement in a train accident. This will, of course, require immediate and long-term medical care and rehabilitation. Even if you have above average health insurance, the bills and expenses you can accumulate after that kind of accident can be financially crippling.

Immediate contact with the personal injury attorneys at Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys can secure the protection of your rights and restoration of your health during the difficult times following a train accident. Especially for clients who lack sufficient health insurance, we can make sure you get the proper and immediate health care you need. You don’t need to worry about the high cost of emergency medical treatment because Joe and Martin will personally cover your medical expenses.

Let Joe and Martin Handle Your Train Accident Case

Along with helping you get the urgent medical care you need, the experienced train accident lawyers at Joe and Martin will handle ALL of your legal business. When you select us to be your legal representation, we get right to work investigating your accident, determining the exact cause(s) of your accident, and discovering who is at fault. We will collect evidence and gather eyewitness and expert testimony to strengthen your claim of negligence. Once we’re able to establish the negligent and liable party – or parties – involved, we begin negotiations on your behalf.

Our goal is to obtain the optimal settlement you deserve for any and all injuries, medical expenses, damages, and losses you’ve suffered. If for any reason a settlement can’t be agreed upon, or professional litigators will defend your legal rights in court to ensure a favorable verdict.

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The attorneys at Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys have earned a reputation over the years for providing fair and ethical representation for our clients. We treat our clients like family. Their complete satisfaction is our number one goal. If you or someone you know was a victim of a South Carolina train accident, please fill out an online form, or contact Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys at (843) 357-8000.