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Trench Accident Attorneys

Trenches at a construction site, even small or shallow ones, can be a major potential injury risk. Strict safety measures and regulations must be followed and applied in and around any trenches on site. The problem is not all construction sites are mindful of these precautions which leads to trench accidents being the cause of several injuries and far too many deaths each year.
The professional and aggressive trench accident attorneys at Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys have the experience necessary to help you recover maximum compensation from the liable parties whose negligence resulted in your accident. We make our clients our number one priority. Don’t just take our word for it. Contact us today at (843) 357-8000 and find out exactly how we can help you with your trench accident claim.

What Causes Trench Accidents?

Trench accidents fall into several categories:

  • Collapse/Cave-in – Improper shoring can cause a trench to collapse, leaving workers in the trench buried and crushed.
  • Fall – Workers can accidentally step and fall into an unguarded trench. They can also sustain an injury if they are standing on the lip of an improperly shored trench that gives way.
  • Heavy machinery falling into/collapsing trench – When heavy machinery strays too close to a trench, it can fall into the trench, injuring the workers within, or cause the trench to collapse with its sheer weight.

Trench Accident Injuries

Trench accident injuries are often serious and can even be fatal. Common injuries resulting from trench accidents include:

These and other severe injuries and death can be avoided with proper preventative measures. Remember, safety is EVERYONE’S responsibility. For an extensive and detailed list of safety regulations regarding trenching and excavations click here.

Protecting Your Interests

All persons injured at work or on the job in South Carolina have the right to file for and collect workers’ compensation benefits to help cover their resulting medical expenses after a trench accident. Also, a civil lawsuit may be filed against a third party (not your employer) in order to recover compensation for further damages, losses, pain, and suffering should a third party be found liable. Regardless of your course of action immediately following a trench accident, you should always contact an attorney to help you traverse the confusing legal road ahead. Insurance companies and contractors aren’t necessarily going to hand you full and fair compensation after your accident. You should always contact a lawyer before accepting any offers made to you after an accident.

Our Attorneys Have “The Right Stuff”

Your trust in Joe and Martin as your legal representation is well placed and comes with the experience you’d expect.  With us on your side you can rest easy and focus on your health while we handle ALL of your legal business. Fill out an online form or contact Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys today at (843) 357-8000 for a FREE case evaluation.