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Workplace Accident Lawyers

All South Carolina workers have the right to work in a safe workplace. Unfortunately, not all companies maintain a safe workplace and this type of negligence puts workers in danger. The experienced workplace accident lawyers at Joe and Martin are skilled at identifying workplace negligence and can fight for your legal rights.

Common causes of workplace accidents

Hazardous work conditions are a serious issue and workplace accidents can happen for any number of reasons including:

  • Safety violations
  • Total equipment failure
  • Lack of training or instruction
  • Missing or obstructed signage
  • Obstructed walkways and exits
  • Negligent or incompetent employees
  • Poorly maintained or defective equipment
  • Failure to adhere to limits, standards, and restrictions

For additional information on workplace safety in South Carolina, you can view the South Carolina OSHA page by clicking here.

Workplace Injuries

With many different jobs and workplaces within the state of South Carolina, workers can sustain all types of injuries. From minor cuts and bruises to life threatening injuries, and even wrongful death, injuries abound in unsafe workplace conditions. If you have suffered a significant or catastrophic injury as the result of someone else’s negligence or unsafe conditions within your workplace, you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

Choosing Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys

We treat our clients like family. When you select Joe and Martin to represent your legal rights, our aggressive workplace accident lawyers use their vast experience and knowledge to help you get the immediate medical attention you need. Once we know you are receiving proper medical treatment for your injuries, we start building the strongest possible case on your behalf by thoroughly investigating your accident and determining the negligent and liable parties involved. We will present your strong case to the liable parties in order to acquire a fair and equitable settlement to cover all of your expenses, damages, and losses. If a settlement can’t be reached, our litigators are ready to represent you in court to obtain a favorable verdict.

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